"I can absolutely recommend Gill's approach to reflexology - you will be welcomed warmly and made to feel relaxed straight away.

Gill managed to relieve my back pain

from session number one, when other techniques had failed continuously.


Thanks Gill!"



Melanie Forrester


"Gill has an effortless way of putting you at ease... 

I appreciated every second of the treatment.


This last year has been shocking due to personal circumstances. 

I have had sleepless nights, anxiety and felt very run down. 

I have never had reflexology previous to this; a friend recommended Gill
Gentle-Balance for a session.

Gill has a very knowledgeable, professional and calm approach.


I sat in the chair with warm clean blankets, candles, calm music. It was heavenly. 

I can truly say that after my session I slept so well for the next few days.
I  felt far more tranquil and calm.  It gave me strength to carry on.  


I would highly recommend Gill at Gentle-Balance.


Tor Harris

"You cannot help but completely relax during a reflexology treatment with Gill and that, in itself is worth it’s weight in gold, especially while we attempt to navigate the daily demands of life nowadays.  


From the calm ambiance of the treatment room to Gill’s relaxed, friendly manner, the whole experience is like a dream… and the benefits continue days after the treatment has ended.. the quality of my sleep has improved and I genuinely feel an increased sense of relaxation and wellbeing.  


I am a regular client now, and so are my children, I cannot recommend this enough..." 


Fiona Hodder